Sunday, December 13, 2009

25.Luangpu Kruba Thammunee, Maha Sarakarm Province Will be @Xun Feng Gallery on 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2013


Kuman thong - Kruba Thammunee S$1,600 (1 pair)

Kuman thong S$138

Setthi Nawakot S$458

Kruba Thammunee statue S$88

Kruba Thammunee pendant S$68

Prai kuman S$118

Kuman thong-look kok  S$88

In koo Cream S$50

Palad khik - scorpion $60

Kruba Thammunee - Tiger (rent out)

Sangkazai Pitta $ 98
Insect (Jakka Jan) $199

Paladkhik Mangpong(Scorpion Paladkhik) calling wealth batch "Rachasab 52"(Wealth King 52)B.E.2552(A.D.2009) consecrated by Luangpu Kruba Thummunee at Supraditmaythee meditation place.
Paladkhik is a sacred symbol of Shiva, emblem of all birth in the universe, image of creator, blessing charm/attractiveness, this Paladkhik is powerful chanted to bring kindness love and respect from people, good luck fortune, famous and use by many people. Kruba Thummunee is a forest monk who's now famous with spells blessing and this is 1st batch Paladkhik.

Palad khik - scorpion $60