Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5. Luangpor Yam - Wat Sam Ngam

Phrakru Prayuttnawagarn or Luangpor Yam Wat Samngam, the right disciple of Luangpor Tae previous abbot. Gumarnthong amulets from him are top and most famous in Thailand. The amulet bless good business and working fotune. Gumarnthong from luangpor Yam is holy type beautiful made from brass inside with herb-clays bless/chant for 3 months

Luang por Yam (5 inches) S$ 258 Luangpor Yam ( 7 inches) S$ 338 Luangpor Yam b.e 2538 S$ 98 Luangpor Yam b.e 2544 S$ 88 Luangpor Yam pendant(b.e.2542) 

Kumanthong 2" (Rent out)
Kumanthong  S$338

Kumanthong 4" S$188

Kumanthong 3" (Rent out)
Kumanthong (Big) S$ 318

Kuman thong 3" S$168

Kuman thong 3" S$128

Kuman thong (Rent out)