Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6. Luangpor Tae - Wat Sam Ngam

Luangpor Tae was well known for making (Guman Thong)The first temples in thailand to make (Guman Thong )were wat sahm ngahm.In order to give an opportunity for those souls to make merit before rebirth luang phor tae decide to cast the souls into a child like statue and give it to people who needed help.Luang phor tae learn such art from luang phor chaem of wat takong and aslo a unamed monk from cambodia.

Luangpor Tae (Available)

100% percent come from real temple
Luangpor Tae haven't passed away time made
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Luangpor Tae $ 258

Luangpor Tae b.e. 2536 (Rent out)