Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2. Guan yin - Ganesha

Guan yin $68

Thousand hand Guan yin (Rent out)

Thousand hand Guan yin (Rent out)
Guan yin (Rent out)

Guan yin(Rent out)

Guan yin (Rent out)
Guan yin (rent out)
GUAN-YIN: Goddess of Compassion and Caring, and one of the Four Supreme BODHISATTVAs of Chinese Buddhism. GUAN-YIN's mission is Victim Support. She supports the distressed and hungry, rescues the unfortunate from peril, and gives comfort and aid wherever it is needed.
PhraPikaned amulet bring strong protection fortune, destroy all obstacles.

Ganesha (rent out)